Kiila plays tunes that draw evenhandedly from our two everlasting loves: song and sound. On stage, the careful songcraft and the power of playing music right here, right now are emphasized. On recordings, the music breathes easily through details and sonic wandering. Often described as folk music, Kiila's is a sound in which various folk forms are neither completely absent nor always apparent. Played together, sung together, Kiila is a feast for six and ear candy for the rest.

The new album, "Näköpiirin rajoilla", was released on 29th of February, 2016.

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The most recent shots:
Photo by Juri Puhakka
Photo by Juri Puhakka

Tuota tuota (2009) related photos:
Photo by Juri Puhakka

Photo by Juri Puhakka

Artwork by Topi Äikäs

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