Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goodbye 2013!

Oh, Lord have mercy and let us FINALLY finish the new lp RIGHT NOW! Still some things to do even though I'm working on the piece all the time.

The year 2013 brought me loads of old & new ear candy that will never loose its sweet taste:

Luciano Cilio: Dell'universo Assente (lp, Die Schachtel)
Henry Flynt: Graduation (lp, Superior Viaduct)
Alastair Galbraith: Cry (lp, MIE)
Mike Gangloff: Poplar Hollow (lp, Blackest Rainbow)
Iasos: Inter-Dimensional Music (lp, Wild Sages Records)
Craig Leon: Nommos (lp, Superior Viaduct)
Miaux: Aeronaut (7", Ultra Eczema)
Nuslux: Cepalux (7", Vauva)
Bernard Parmegiani: De Natura Sonorum (lp, Recollection GRM / Editions Mego)
Pelkkä Väliviiva: s/t (lp, Joteskii Groteskii)
Joakim Skogsberg: Jola Rota (lp, Subliminal Sounds)
Antti Tolvi: Pianoketo (lp, Fonal records)
Tsembla: Nouskaa henget (lp, New Images)
WOO: "Whichever way you are going, you are going the wrong way." (lp, Emotional Rescue Recordings)
Vox Populi: Half Dead Ganja Music (lp, Pacific City Sound Visions)

Why I "discuss" this publicly? I'm not a big spender nor the greatest specialist, but I really love the music that I love. Love it, can't help it. Thank you for the music!


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